Ceremony is a sacred space held to access Divine Grace.  These sessions accelerate personal healing, spiritual growth, collective karmic cleansing, and the restoration of Divine Humanity. You can expect an experience of radiant beauty and healing in Prayer and Song.  We shift our vibration into Coherence with Divine Mother Earth, blast our consciousness through the amnesia field, and remember our Soul's intimate connection to the Magic and Magnificence of Life and the Source of Life itself.  This is the Medicine, the Antidote to the Great Sickness of Separation.  

A Direct Oracle Transmission from the Mother of Creation, holding codes and memory seeds of the Secrets they can no longer keep. This is True Disclosure, Truth of our Soul emanating from Within.

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Xi is a vessel for evolutionary angelic consciousness, and Oracle of the Mother of Creation.  In these sessions, I share sacred soul medicine via the arts of oracular singing, weaving and multi-dimensional energy work.  Oracular Sound Medicine is both an ancient and newly evolving form of sound healing, which incorporates shamanic energy work with direct transmissions from Angelic, Mystical and Divine realms.  It inspires a profound, Soul level experience of Remembrance, and can bring palpable effects of healing and clearing, akin to various plant medicines.  This Quantum medicine is transmitted and accessed through Vibration and Frequency, accessible in any now or future moments in time. Participants get to keep the Downloads of each month's transmission for later use and sharing.

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