6 Tracks, 55 minutes of Multi-dimensional Sound Healing Journeys focussed on healing Various dimensions and aspects of our Inner Children.

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This is my first official HQ sound healing creation ~ I cried many tears of joy, grief and love during the creating of this music as the codes of divine love and healing came pouring through...


Embedded within each vocal and synth part are codes of healing, unconditional love and healing for various aspects of our inner self. The quantum energy embedded in the frequencies and wavelengths of sound directly interact with energy and consciousness held inside our conscious, subconscious, energy and physical bodies.


Listening to these tracks can be akin to taking a homeopathic remedy, taken in regular doses can greatly assist in our healing process. - the specific codes of each track are listened in the video at each track.

Soothing Lullabies for Inner Starlings


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