This 9 week experience is a juicily curated process of higher self embodiment, focussing on restoration of the Original Mother Goddess frequency.  It's a space created for Women who feel called to Embrace her Mission & Life Purpose, and innate Infinite Power, Creativity, Beauty and Joy, who knows that the reclamation of these feelings is the way to Co-Creating Heaven on Earth!


The whole experience is designed as a "walk-in" process of your own higher self, into a Woman bodied Creator of this Earth, whose powers and magic have been persecuted for a millennia. We focus on "cleaning and restoring the vessel" as the wisdom and power of your own Higher Self is inherent and we only need to make space to allow it to Embody.


We'll learn ancient Taoist principals of "tantra" or Creation Magic, experience deep multi-dimensional, cross-lifetime and intergenerational healing, and acquire an integrated coherent lucid understanding of our Life and Mission on Earth and the forces at play - to emerge confident, comfortable and even empowered in our vessel, to Create businesses, projects and Realities which our Souls came to Birth!

Healing the Womb & the Original Divine Mother Frequency Course


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