A Teaser Masterclass to the upcoming EarthStar Sanctuary Retreat-Festival September of 2020.  Cost of this masterclass can be put towards a festival ticket - voucher included in log-in information :)


12pm - 1:30pm - Workshop #1: The Ground Crew Mission

Integration of Starseed / Wanderer Soul Aspects.

How cosmic-galactic consciousness interacts and co-creates with the Earth realms,

Fusion of Earth and Star energies. Timeline navigation - how to discern timeline

hijacking and distortion events.

2pm - 3:30pm - Workshop #2: Stargate Mechanics

The function and mechanics of the new Stargate system, how to work with Stargate

energy, and how we can each become a living Stargate, birthing new Realities on the

Ground, through energetic Mastery & Creator Consciousness embodiment.

4pm - 5:30pm - Oracle Healing & Activation Ceremony

Ground Crew Activation Masterclass


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