Recordings of a Live Masterclass from March 27 - 29, 2020


  • 3 live online workshops & group healing experiences surrounding the relamation and embodiment of Creation Magic
  • 2 hour long workshop each day
  • Recordings of the workshops available for download


Day 1 (Mar. 27) - The Mechanics of Creation

Metaphysical Anatomy of our Divine Creator Multi-Dimensional Bodies

Original Divine Creator DNA Restoration

Techniques of Multi-Dimensional & Shamanic Healing


Day 2 (Mar. 28) - The Embodiment Process:

The Starseed / Lightworker’s Higher Self (Walk-in) Incarnation Process

Walk through of common distortions & implants existent in the Chakra system


Day 3 (Mar. 29) - Oracle Medicine Healing Ceremony

Full length oracle medicine ceremony & shamanic journey.

Creation Magic Masterclass (Recorded)


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