This is a 4 day Stargate Oracle Ceremony and Timeline Alignment opportunity with

Xi EarthStar Healer, focussing on the original teachings of Sacred Co-Creation

Riding the Stargate energies of the Heliocentric Pleiades Alignment, Xi takes us on a journey into the most powerful, beautiful, and sacred, yet also most traumatized, misunderstood, and distorted aspect of our human experience:

Our Divine Sexuality.

This workshop is great for anyone on the awakening and healing journey, who may have sexual trauma either physical, past life, or interdimensional. 


Sexual trauma includes present or past sex and pornography addictions, disconnection from sensuality and intimacy, painful menstruations & etc

This workshop is also great for anyone who feels they may have latent gifts of healing or creation, who need a little boost in activating them.  Our ability to fluidly create with ease and grace is completely tied into our sexuality, so this workshop can help you move past any perceived blocks in this area.

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Your Free Bonus!

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   the Womb

& Activating the Original Mother Goddess Frequency


   the Womb

& Activating the Original Mother Goddess Frequency

A Guided Journeying & Medicine Container for Woman to find her Power of 
Infinite Creativity.

As a special bonus, you will also receive my special Healing the Womb Course, packed with videos, audio and PDF support on multi-dimensional trauma healing!


This is a 9 week course, with a package of added bonus material addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing sexual trauma for women.

As an Oracle for the Divine Mothers and the galactic & angelic teams which coded the many healing bio-technologies we know as plant medicine, Xi bring through frequencies via light and sound which catalyze deep multi-dimensional healing and restoration very similar to various plant medicine journeys.
Inside this Oracle Ceremony experience, you can expect profound levels of healing and self-reconciliation, while exploring multi-dimensionality, from the comfort of your own space.  Connect with beloved soul families from all over the world while we bring these healing frequencies into our own local environments together, for planetary gridwork.
These transmissions and ceremonies are always a balance between intellectual information, and direct experience of healing, and multi-dimensional journeying in the source field.  You will access and experience growth and healing at all levels of our awareness.

Event Itinerary

Leaves 3

May 18        4pm MST        Stargate Opening Ceremony

May 18        5pm MST        Divinity, Sex & Trauma Workshop

How are Sex, Divinity and Trauma all relevant in the life of humanity on Earth, and how do these themes make or break our Mission as a Starseed? In this workshop we take a deep dive into draco-reptilian wars, galactic genetic experimentation, and the evil forces on Earth which has distorted our understanding of sexuality for their profit…

May 19        4pm MST        Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Workshop

This workshop is about all the different dimensions inside which sexual trauma thus creational level trauma exist.  From astral abductions, to past life spiritual wars, curses and soul binds, to MK ultra frequency mind control, we address all levels of distortion

May 19        6pm MST        Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Ceremony

This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

May 20       4pm MST        Original Codes of Creation Workshop

This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

May 20        6pm MST        Original Codes of Creation Activation

This oracle ceremony brings in the frequencies of the original codes of creation to imprint and restore the multidimensional light body to its original divine creation capabilities.

May 21        6pm MST         Timeline Lightweaving Ceremony

This oracle ceremony activates our access to a Pleiadian quantum light technology, and guides and directs our collective activated energy to the creation of higher timelines for all of humanity.


Xi's work was unlike any I've seen in my 40 years as a spiritual psychotherapist! 

Xi has an incredible connection with her multidimensional selves, Guides & Masters, and information is continually being downloaded through her.  Xi is so kind, loving, joyous, enthusiastic and gifted — As a psychologist, I help people deal with the tip of a huge iceberg.  Xi, Master that she is, deals with the rest of the iceberg.

— Mignon Lawless, Ph.D