The Starseed Mission & the Universal Completion


  • What the Starseed Mission means to me

  • What the heck a starseed is

  • How you can know if you are one

  • Clearing Starseed Tags & Astral Abduction Trauma

  • Source DNA Activation

Are you a Starseed?

Starseed Mission Support is my new weekly YouTube series. It is my love song for my planetary angelic family. Every week I hope to bring value to the Starseed and Indigo families out there and I am truly honored and grateful to assist and support our legion of Angels on Earth!

Each week I'll be sharing a transmission on specific topics I feel are important for the Starseed's true soul embodiment process and also a healing session to accelerate that process.

This week we talked about the foundation of our ground crew mission. Even though our specific unique coding and tasks may differ, the general reason why we are all here is the same. To reconnect the fallen strands of planetary and human DNA back to source, thus allowing 12D+ creational frequencies of Consciousness into the planetary sphere aka creating Heaven on Earth!

Universal Completion

There are lots of myths and misinformation in the new age societies designed intentionally to steer us off our path. Stories which take you away from your empowerment as a Creator being and lead you to judge and disown your Human family through ridicule. Some stories even say the "good" humans will "ascend" to a different planet, and the "bad" humans will continue to live in a slavery system.

These stories never resonated with me as an Angelic because I see the story from a Universal vantage point. Millions of galactic and angelic starseeds are here on Earth at this time for a mission that has Chosen Earth to be the game board.

Yet our experiences, healing, and actions of reconciliation effects not only the Earth, but the whole Universe...

You see, this planetary enslavement system that humanity has been captured within is abuse on a soul level. This level of degradation (things like the ritual sexual abuse and trafficking of children) was never intended by our Oneness. This occurred through certain fallen creator beings who took advantage of the free will experiment and is now Ordained by Heaven (our Universal Oneness) to cease.

As all dimensional planes and realities are connected by filaments of light and energy and consciousness, it makes no sense to liberate one planet, only to create another where atrocities of Soul Level Abuse and Degradation continue to occur. The Universal Body is evolving out of its current game so all separation is now being restored back to One.

And so the Universal Oneness is sorting itself out, self-healing and restructuring from the mis-creations of the Free Will Experiment. As it’s going through this self-healing process it is restoring all of the karma, drama, distortions, and pain of illusory separation in all dimensions of reality.

This experience is encapsulated in this Earth experience that we are all having now. In many spiritual traditions they would call this the microcosmic realm that is relating to the macrocosmic realm. Many of us come from different galactic families carrying codes of trauma and their medicines to assist in this process of Universal Reconciliation.

They say as within so without, as above so below; this is actually talking about various dimensional fractals of reality. Just as we are awakening and coming into our wholeness to evolve into the next evolution of human, so is our planet and so is the Universe.

This process is connected to the Earth’s grid. The energy body of the Earth is intimately connected to the energy body of human beings. We live on Her body and everything that runs through the Earth is also running through our own bodies; it’s the same currents and the same energies.

These currents come directly from Source that trickle down the dimensions to nourish every filament and every particle of this unified living being that is Earth and that we are all apart of. That is why individual healing and restoration of our own Source DNA is CRUCIAL in the Starseed's Journey to activating our Mission.

And that brings me to the reason why I'm so excited to share these weekly transmissions and healing sessions with you. These sound frequencies support us in fully activating our Source DNA and embodying our true soul essence. Each week we'll focus on an area that I see many Starseeds struggle with: astral tagging, abduction trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, galactic trauma, soul fragmentation...

This week our healing session focuses on clearing various astral starseed tags which make us an easy target for astral abduction and DNA stealing... I hope it helps you Shine Your Light and Embody your Divine Essence!

In Cosmic Alliance, Xi EarthStar & The EarthStar Sanctuary Team

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