The Root of Patriarchy & The Sacredness of Creation

The patriarchy isn't about "men" or "women". The Root of patriarchy stems from our collective humanity's forgetting of the Sacredness of All of Life. Certain "short-comings" or rather, "differences", in both gendered biological bodies have been weaponized. Programmed to degrade and control itself and each other, creating devastating fear, separation, divisiveness, and deep biological chaos.

A man who is deeply devoted to loving, nurturing and respecting Life itself would simply never degrade nor disrespect a woman, and vice versa. Not only do we not educate our children on these deep and sacred aspects of relating to life, we encourage quite the opposite in our society's education systems. We teach them that life is an accident, fleeting, a mystery and ineffable - that the reality is inanimate and dead - that there's perhaps no point to it all. This has greatly damaged our planetary eco-system in all dimensions.

This has been a tactic of mind control and domination of Humans since the beginning. By short-comings I really mean where men and women's organic roles within the Perpetuation of Life complete each other. Certain "trends" and "oddities" in the false reality can only exist inside a culture which has no deep understanding nor respect of Life and Creation.

Our Devotion to our personal path of reconnecting to this deep sense of humility, co-operation, respect and reverence for the Living Creation is the only Medicine (not any amount of being angry at the opposite sex, lobbying politicians for rights, and external struggles for 'equality', without the presence of this Devotion first and foremost.)

Without purifying the sickness out of our own system and deeply recognizing how it has infiltrated our own beliefs, consciousness, energy and way of life, it would be impossible to delete "patriarchy". Patriarchy lives inside men, and women. It is eradicated through closing the rift between "self" and "all", and filling that rift with the deepest sincere humility, respect and reverence for Life itself.

When this deep, sincere Appreciation for Life has truly anchored in our Hearts, and all dimensions of our Being - patriarchy in all its emanations will no longer have any place to live - and Organic Ways of Life will emerge naturally.

How has our collective separation from the One Creation Web of Life angered, wounded, confused and programmed you? Where in your body, mind, spirit and Life do you perpetuate these energies thus continuing its existence?

It is the returning to the deep, integrated remembrance of the Sacredness of Life itself that will restore harmony and balance to our physical existence as One family of Life. This seed of remembrance is coded in this oracle transmission.

Over the 2-22-2020 gateway, my focus was topics relating to family, tribe, relationships, sacred sexuality - how certain viruses and distortions relating to these topics were introduced into human consciousness as weapons of mind control - and how anchoring new ways of respecting and relating to each other in our 3D immediate reality is more powerful than we know.

Recorded over the 2-22-2020 Gateway on Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ. In presence with beloved Soul Family - Bryan, Jack & Herbs From The Heart ~ Eternal & Infinite Gratitude ~ ~ ~

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