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Aloha EarthStar Family ~

I'm writing to you today about something that is very dear to my awakening and missions on Earth, and to cordially invite you to Portal to the New Earth...

It is... story time with EarthStar! :)

Third Eye Awakening

In 2013 (age 19) when the little voice whispered in my ear... Where are you From? Andromeda.. I had just quit university and become homeless. Even though I was still very much a muggle, I had a very strong feeling in my Heart that something beyond me was leading me towards something important. Some of you know that through this guidance I was adopted by a squad of psytrance party organizers called the "Third Eye Crew."

This cluster of starseeds brought me to their events, walls covered in sacred geometry and black-light, chakras and deities as they intended for the pulsating trance music to awaken the third eye of their attendees. This was the beginning of my starseeded shamanic training, as even without knowing anything about Chakras, I knew how to manipulate energy and consciousness instinctively. It was on the dance floor of these starseeded parties and Festivals, that I discovered my shamanic powers.

So in 2013 and 2014, I became a very active member of the Rave & Festival community in Montreal, regularly attending parties and festivals all summer long. I received a lot of interdimensional communications from my Galactic team, and had several light-ship experiences during this time (visionary and literally aboard) Many of the downloads were about a Consciousness based Social Technology that expressed itself as a "Festival". We are speaking about the power that comes in numbers, when awakened and empowered beings gather, and the potential magic latent in such gatherings.

I thought that everyone who attended these things were in on it, and in fact the telepathic networks of communication were very much open, indeed, everyone was in on it! Our mission was unified: establish new ways of communing, communicating, exchanging and being. Ways that are evolved from false matrix states of separation. Ways which revered our interconnection with each other, the Earth and Life itself. We were following the Inspiration which percolated down from our Galactic Starseed Mission, without even really knowing it...

However, there was more to become aware of, more to put into action...

Upgrade Installing...

Come 2015 I became bored with the festivals and the parties. My communications with my Galactics became frequent and I started going out on Grid-work journeys. The chakras and aliens lit up by the black-light plastered all over the walls became a mere facade. The extreme levels of drug and alcohol use attracted all sorts of entities and dark spirits. A fun party quickly turned into closing portals all night, I told you, this was the beginning of my shamanic training... When I tried to talk to others about my multi-dimensional experiences, about the Festival being a Starseeded Social Evolution Technology, I mostly received blank faces.

I was invited to attend several disclosure and ET conferences, but my galactic team and higher self never allowed me to go. One time I found myself on the peripherals of a conference when a friend who was a speaker at this disclosure conference asked me to babysit his children while he did his workshop. Truth be told, I'm a Hummingbird. We are attracted to the nectar of flowers of the highest vibrations. I saw how these conferences were too an earlier prototype of Starseeded Social Evolution Technology, but they were also incomplete.

Hours spent talking about secret space programs & ET involvement in the government does awaken people to a - part - of the truth, but the most important aspects of the Truth: multi-dimensionality and our sovereign creationship within, is not adequately explored. Is this a responsible way to direct the consciousness of hundreds of powerful starseed people? Is this the best we can do as Awakened Starseeded People?

I say, No. We are multi-dimensional beings with Super Conscious Magical Powers! This is how we are going to Create New Earth! Without deeply, consciously exploring this aspect of the Truth, these Social Technologies cannot be complete.

Portal to the New Earth - A Consciously Evolving Starseeded Social Technology

Cue... 2019.

The beginning of February I started getting messages almost every day from trees, elementals, the mountains and plants about accessing our Psychic Super Powers to

heal the ozone layer, the atmosphere, and the severely damaged eco-system caused by electrical imbalances due to human energy consumption.

It's like a group meditation, but more advanced, more specific, more direct in communication with all the dimensions of Life of Earth. With more awareness of our consciousness and its ability to shift metaphysical particles which make up the hologram. With expanded gnosis of our powers as a Creator Being living in Guardianship of our Living Mother Gaia.

Days after receiving several downloads about terraforming damaged land through elemental & consciousness-to-consciousness communication, I received an email from Harlan the organizer of Portal to the New Earth. He invited me to take on a role as a Galactic Ambassador at this Festival.

Needless to say I immediately was flooded by memories of the years of downloads I had about festivals and the Consciously Evolving Starseeded Social Technology. Then I continued to see visions of 300 12-48 strand DNA Activated starseeds co-creating together, levitating boulders and miraculously transforming the Desert into a Forest of Lush, Exquisite, Abundant Life... Materializing physical crystal castles from thin air with the power of our Consciousness...

I believe embedded within these Dreams & Visions are codes of our Collective Future Potential as Sovereign, Empowered, Conscious Human Beings. I am not claiming to have it all figured out. I'm simply a willing conduit who has established one level of intercommunication and trust between Human and the Construct of Reality. I will share with you what I have discovered through these years of trust and surrender, in hopes that we can together Manifest the Miracles that Gaia and Humanity could use...

If you want to join us in this next level of co-creative exploration toward New Frontiers of Human Potential... Join us at Portal to the New Earth.

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