Early Life Astral Attacks on The Starseeds’ Precious Luminosity

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I feel increasingly an urgency to share the experiences of my youth, which now with the ability to see into the invisible realms, I can bring light to a dark issue that is still difficult even for me to accept as Truth.

I am a Starseed.  An Angelic being having had incarnations in Andromeda, Sirius and the Pleiades.  In my current Earthly incarnation I was born in China during a celestial alignment between Earth, our Sun and Sirius.  I wasn’t always aware of this and in fact I grew up in a very mundane Chinese home until we moved in Canada when I was 9.  When I was 11 years old, from my perspective now being able to see into other Time-Space-Dimensions, I see that around this time I began to experience heavy astral attacks through the people around me.

From my perspective at the time, I was just depressed and very ill with a severe eating disorder.  I didn’t really fit in at school nor ever tried to, largely due to my unique frequency.  I was experiencing extreme psychological abuse through a close relative who consistently exhibited symptoms of Bi-Polar Disorder.  I have been shown several visions and can see clearly now the astral activities that happened surrounding my home then, and the entities that worked through unsuspecting people around me.  The people around me would be loving and normal sometimes, then without any provocation spur into a crazy rage and yell things at me like “You can go die.” or “You are useless.” or “You are lazy and you’ll never be successful.”

This happened multiple times a week, when I would be just sitting in my room, my door would bust open and I would receive these sorts of insanely energetically charged remarks.

Of course at the time, these experiences left me distraught in tears.  In dealing with this extremely turbulent emotional terrain I developed a nasty eating disorder which now I know had many entities behind its nasty hold, this almost took my life.

However nasty these attacks were, usually the dark plans of the insidious ones backfire.  In our resilience, when we experience these attacks, they end up shaking us awake and making us stronger in the long run. They provide us Luminous Starseeds the fertile soil and righteous rage to ultimately fulfill our Destiny.

Through psychic-sight I can see the distorted light, energy weapons and nasty entities which created a living hell in my bed-room. I was consumed by Anorexia and Bulimia, and when my gifts came online I was able to locate and remove the entities that continuously encouraged me to harm myself while remarking how incredible dumb and worthless I was. I thought these were my own thoughts.

Through my healing process of accepting these higher-dimensional realities, I came to find that these attacks left incredible amounts of Miasma and debris inside my body and energy field. As if they knew what my super-powers were, before I could even find them myself they had already dislodged and blocked up the parts of my body and energy bodies which would generate the most Energy and Light. They filled my meridians and chakras with satanic "juices" of nastiness and degradation. In my early days of clearing and healing from these attacks I would often be on the floor crying in hopelessness as I truly felt disabled, as if I'd never recover.

On the surface I was just a teenage girl with an eating disorder, like the millions of others who suffered from this common mental illness. But beneath that was a millionfold amount of pain that I can't even begin to explain, that wasn't mine to carry, that was inserted into me in the sole intention of derailing me from ever fulfilling my mission, which was to Restore Divine Harmony in all Dimensions for the Sphere.

BUT WOW if they TRIED THIS HARD to stop me when I was still a baby, I must be a freaking INCREDIBLE BEING they are TERRIFIED of growing into a Full On Whole Divine Angelic Human !!!!!!

We are so incredibly resilient and as powerful as the Universe Herself. I sit here today feeling joyful, celebrating the Victory which sincerely has set in my Heart. That truly we have already won. Because As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. I know within myself that the Dark has lost their grip on my Body and Embodiment Process. And their attacks only trained me to be cunning, strong, resilient and taught me the frequencies and fields of their passing existence. As Nahko says:" I'm a Danger to Darkness you Better Run QUICKLY!"

However painful and uncomfortable the healing process was, restoring Myself to my Divine Luminosity, it's not only POSSIBLE but INEVITABLE. And in each moment we can Choose to Heal Deeper, Shine Brighter, and Love Deeper!

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