Oracle Medicine with Xi EarthStar

Upon facilitating hundreds of multi-dimensional healing sessions over the past few years, I've decided to shift the way I offer my medicine to better suite my modality, and to deepen focus and the experience for You!

I found that 90 minute sessions were barely enough to scratch the surface of what we could explore with this kind of trance healing, and also made possible for spiritual entertainment (which I simply do not have time for.) My ancestors, galactics and me are here to transform this planet, and activate humble and true lightwork super-heroes, with the right intention and dedication to this work, incredible shifts can be made in your personal vibration and timeline!

These sessions I offer now are 3-4 hours long, and are to be perceived as an intensive shamanic medicine ceremony.  One which requires you to prepare, and create deep intentional space for, for optimal integration of the shifts that are possible when Oracle Medicine space is open.

You will receive:

 - A PDF of preparation and integration protocols

 - A download link for 2+ hours of oracle healing music

 - 3-4h Intensive Quantum Oracle Medicine Ceremony

 - 3 guided meditations for preparation, and integration after the ceremony.

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